Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mucking Around in My Art Journal

Remember that series I started in 2016 - "Mucking Around in my Art Journal?"  That's where I play around with no fixed idea of what I'm doing, and now end point in sight.  Well, inspired by Marjie Kemper's new Facebook Group, #halfhourofart, I'm back at it.  Here's the first installment for 2017!

This is the first spread in a brand new journal (Global Arts Watercolor).  I wanted to cheer myself up while waiting for my friend Lynne to come out of her coma.  (You can read all about that here.)  So I decided to give myself 1/2 hour with happy, warm colors, without any idea of where I was going.  

I used the Hearts Flowers and More stencil to texture the background;  
Gwen LeFleur's Heraldry stencils for December Stencil Club gave me the angel wings I was looking for, along with some of the other motifs.  
The silhouettes are from a magazine page I had pulled out and saved.   
And the bottom border is part of my Whimsy Crown stamp from Rubbermoon.  

Here's a fast forward video (about 7 minutes) of my 1/2 hour process.

I spent another 1/2 hour the following day finishing the other side of the spread... But you'll have to wait until the next "mucking around" installment to see it!

You can also see this video, and lots of other demos and tutorials, on my YouTube channel.

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